Who we are:

Stratakos Grigoris

Assoc. Professor of Pulmonology and Head of the IP unit of 1st Resp. Med. dept. NK University of Athens Greece.

Main research topics include Interventional Broncho-Thoracoscopy as well as BLVR in
Emphysema and Pulmonary Rehabilitation in advanced COPD patients.

Organizer and Faculty of the 2011-2020 ERS skills based course on Interventional
held every year in Athens. Invited speaker in numerable seminars and Hands-on courses on Thoracic Endoscopy in Greece and abroad. Invited speaker in > 100 symposia and/or congresses.

For more than 8 years he coordinated the IP working group of the Hellenic Thoracic Society.

EAB-IP President elect and WAB-IP National Delegate.

Other Members

Philippe Emmanouil MD

Senior Int.Pulmonologist consultant,“Mediterraneo” Hospital.
Ex Coordinator of IP working group of Hellenic Thoracic Society.
Member of the social media committee of the WAB-IP.
National Delegate for Greece in EAB-IP.

Nektarios Anagnostopoulos MD

Interventional Pulmonologist.
Academic Assistant in the    IP Unit of the 1 st Resp. Medicine Dept of the N.K. University of Athens, “Sotiria” Hospital.

Ioannis Athanasopoulos MD

Senior Interventional Pulmonologist Consultant.
251 General AirForce Hospital.


Nikos Koufos MD, PhD

Senior Int.Pulmonologist Consultant, “Metropolitan” Hospital.
Ex Academic Assistant in the IP Unit of the 1 st Resp. Medicine Dept of the N.K.
University of Athens.

Our Story

The Hellenic Training Association for Interventional Pulmonology (HTA-IP) is a non profit association for the development of education and training in Interventional Pulmonology (IP), being active for several years in Greece.

In partnership with major international scientific Societies like ERS, EAB-IP and WAB-IP, we have been producing since 2011 academic and clinical workshops and seminars aiming to promote the competence of Pulmonologists in Bronchoscopy and other diagnostic modalities.

In 2017 and 2018 we performed a series of hands-on workshops dedicated to EBUS TBNA and bronchial biopsies which were held in all major University Respiratory Clinics of Greece. 
Our main priority remains the training for the prompt, accurate, reliable and effective diagnosis, staging and management of Lung Ca.
During the last ten years, hundreds of colleagues from all over the world have been trained in our programmes by world renowned faculty and experts , forming an ever growing group of IP-friends.

Since all our physical meetings for 2020-21 have been postponed or cancelled, we are designing a series of educative web –based seminars and workshops on Lung cancer with real life cases and cooperation with other renowned IP centers in Europe.

HTAIP bylaws

HTAIP is a non profit educational organization. See its bylaws below.