Our Activities


Three different types of physical courses are offered tailored to the specific needs of the participants

Hands-on Skills based

Delivers theory and practice of advanced bronchoscopic modalities including Electrocautery, APC, Cryotherapy, cTBNA , EBUS bronchoscopy and ROSE.
Rigid Bronchoscopy and stent placement as well as Medical Thoracoscopy, complete the whole spectrum of Interventional Pulmonology field. It is addressed to Pulmonologists already experienced with bronchoscopy, aiming to acquire specific skills.

Simulation based Training in EBUS 2020

ERS simulation EBUS training and Accreditation

HTA-IP together with the IP unit of the 1st Resp. Med. Dept of NKoA in "Sotiria" Hospital, have been included in the few European Centres of Excellence offering the three parts EBUS Certified Training Programme teaching participants to independently and competently perform endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS). Part I covers the theoretical knowledge, part two focuses on clinical and simulation training, and part three provides supervised training and accreditation.

Essential Bronchoscopy

Standard - Essential bronchoscopic modalities are taught in this course addressing to younger colleagues the theory and practice of bronchoscopy that should be delivered during the years of pulmonology fellowship. A validated competence based assessment tool offers to participants the opportunity to acquire an official accreditation for their skills.


Since all our physical meetings for 2020-21 have been postponed or cancelled, we designed a series of educative web –based seminars and workshops on Lung cancer with real life cases and cooperation with other renowned IP centers in Europe. 

The webinars will be streamed with live panel discussion on cases of Lung Ca with challenging dilemmas necessitating advanced bronchoscopic approach. Prerecorded endoscopic videos will be presented and then commented by the panel of experts and discussed upon with the audience. All the material will be later accessible “on demand” for the registered participants. All the events will be transmitted in both Greek and English language in order to ensure international participation of faculty and attendants. 

The structure of the events will be as follows:

Α. Presentation of the clinical case, its medical history, imaging and other tests, addressing the main questions/dilemmas for its management. All this material will be given to attendants prior to the live web event so that they can prepare themselves for the discussion.

Β. Prerecorded parts of the Bronchoscopic procedure will be transmitted
where the attendants will follow both the endoscopic image and the action in the endoscopy suite as well together with the onsite cytology evaluation (ROSE) of the smears produced by EBUS.
This way, the challenges of the case and all the contemporary possibilities for adequate histologic and molecular subtyping of these tumors, will be showcased.                       

Journal Club

Read the latest studies in the field from our Journal Club:
By Philippe Emmanouil MD